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Introducing the Apple App an amusement and betting strategy planning Tri Wheel by Gaming Studio, Inc.

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Tri-Wheel™ IPad2 & 3 Application is Available - for only 99¢ - click the icon to left.

The Amusement Edition in the Tri-Wheel® Line

The other editions of the Tri-Wheel are Minnesota Tri-Wheel®, the original is still played in mechanical version, primarily in Minnesota with a couple of them in North Dakota.  In Minnesota the game is played always with tickets and a slotted table while in North Dakota all betting is with chips on a dyed felt top table lay-down.  The Parlor Tri-Wheel™, a game in development, uses an electronic wheel and paper tickets in a betting process most similar to lotto and Keno.  The Tri-Wheel Lotto™ is very much like the Parlor edition only instead of having three independent random events, it has six, two in each of the graphic rings.  With six random events on the wheel the outside odds of guessing all six correctly are 1:64,000,000.  You can see the Tri-Wheel® family at


When designing this App we aimed more at displaying wagering options available for our future Parlor Tri-Wheel than making the cleanest amusement App.  Our intention was to use this as a leader into our Parlor Tri-Wheel.  The betting on this wheel is a little complicated but once you understand how you can repeat your last betting selections on a new spin and remember that you must always go "Back to Main" prior to spinning you will do fine.  The next iteration of Dakota Tri-Wheel will provide a simpler, more straight forward betting system.  The date of its release is not yet determined.


In the meantime, set up a starting bank and see how long you and your friends can last or how high you can build the balance.  Do you hedge the higher playing single-number bets with "Odd" or "Even?" Maybe so given that they both have about the same house advantage.   It is fun to devise your own strategy.


See How to Play for detailed information on the various methods of pretend wagering on the Dakota Tri-Wheel.


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